fermented vegetable juice kvass fermented vegetable juice kvass Sauerkraut, a kind of matured cabbage, has been well known all through Central Europe for quite a while. Sauerkraut goes along with a standout amongst the most valuable sustenances there is (cabbage) with a champion among the most profitable and time-regarded food arranging techniques anytime used (development). As shown by the Institute for Integrative Medicine at the University of Witten in Germany, sauerkraut is a champion among the most broadly perceived and most settled sorts of shielding cabbage and can be taken after back as a key sustenance source to the fourth century B.C. The Secret to Sauerkraut's Health Benefits: Fermentation Would might it be able to be that so uncommon about developed vegetables and sustenances? Maturing essentially suggests an old framework and perseveration procedure that really modifies the art of supports. Like refined dairy things like yogurt and kefir, sauerkraut's maturing methodology produces supportive probiotics that are directly associated with changes in safe, mental, stomach related and endocrine limit. People have been using maturing to spare huge vegetables and other perishable foods for long extends without the usage of front line ice chests, coolers or canning machines. Development is the metabolic strategy of changing over starches, like sugars, into either alcohols and carbon dioxide, or common acids. It requires the proximity of a starch source (like deplete or vegetables, which contain sugar particles) notwithstanding yeast, microorganisms or both. The yeast and tiny life forms microorganisms are responsible for changing over glucose (sugar) into sound organisms strains that populate your gut condition and help control various generous limits. Microbial maturing happens when the infinitesimal life forms or yeast living creatures are precluded from securing oxygen (which is the reason development was first depicted as "breath without air" by early French microbiologists that found the science behind the strategy). The kind of development that makes most sustenances "probiotic" (rich in accommodating tiny life forms) is called lactic destructive maturing. Lactic destructive is a trademark added substance that limits risky microorganisms improvement. What Are the Effects of Sauerkraut's Probiotics? To the exclusion of everything else, sauerkraut's live and dynamic probiotics effectsly influence the prosperity of your stomach related tract — and thus whatever is left of your body too. That is because a tremendous fragment of your resistant system truly lives inside your gut and is controlled by bacterial living things, what you can consider as "your gut's bugs" that live inside your intestinal vegetation. Microbial uneven characters have been connected with enhanced perils of various diseases, however luckily gaining beneficial microorganisms from probiotic foods has on and on displayed medicinal focal points in clinical settings. In the wake of eating sustenances like sauerkraut that give probiotics, these gut bugs take up home on the covering and cover of your intestinal dividers, where they talk with your cerebrum by methods for the vagus nerve. They furthermore act like your first line of hindrance against various ruinous organisms or toxic substances that enter your body. Some productive probiotic microorganisms found in sauerkraut and other refined veggies are practically interminable occupants since they shape tough settlements. Others backpedal and forward more quickly yet in the meantime have basic quieting impacts. As depicted in a 2009 report conveyed in The Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, "the usage of antibodies poisons, immunosuppressive treatment and light, among various strategies for treatment, may cause changes in the gut plan and influence the GIT vegetation. Thusly, the associate of beneficial bacterial species with the GI tract may be an astoundingly appealing decision to re-develop the microbial agreement and deflect disease." The immense microorganisms living in some individual's strong gut condition have been wound up being earnest for cutting down the threat of basically every sort of exceptional or endless illness there is. A 2006 report conveyed in The Journal of Applied Microbiology communicates that probiotic benefits by refined sustenances join cutting down the peril of: mind issue and enthusiastic ailment stomach related disarranges like imperfect gut issue, ulcerative colitis and IBS perspective issue like wretchedness and pressure illness asthma hormonal clumsy nature support hypersensitivities and sensitivities metabolic conditions, for instance, diabetes rotundity or weight get diverse invulnerable framework disorders Hamptons Brine - Raw Organic Sauerkraut Sauerkraut Kvass
Sauerkraut Salads Sauerkraut Kvass
Fermented Organic raw Sauerkraut
raw organice sauerkraut


The organic sauerkraut you've grown accustomed to has been made with vinegar and then pasteurized at high temperature and so it does not have any beneficial live probiotic cultures. And even most of the raw sauerkraut available on the marketplace has been fermented with the use of a whey starter to save time and money.  Beyond the departure from tradition, this industrialized process sacrifices flavor, texture, and the live cultures that have always made fermented foods a nutritional staple around the world. 
At Hamptons Brine, we believe that eating foods rich in probiotics (the beneficial live cultures in yogurt and brined vegetables like raw sauerkraut) plays a crucial role in staying healthy.  That's why we rely on wild cultures to make our
raw sauerkraut. These cultures take 28 days to turn our raw cabbage into the live, nutritious and delicious food that we can then deliver to you.

Raw and alive – rich in beneficial probiotic bacteria and enzymes.

- no vinegar
- no preservatives
- fat + gluten + dairy + and wheat free

- great source of Vitamin C

- helps immune system fight infections

- aids digestion
- no destructive heat processing
- made with certified organic vegetables, sea salt and Himalayan salt
- made by hand in small batches

Digestive problems? Eat fermented vegetables daily for miraculous results!

Frequent colds? Eat sauerkraut every day to boost your immune system!
Get your probiotics the way Nature intended!

Most commercially available sauerkraut is processed with heat, which eliminates the naturally occurring enzymes and micro-flora that are beneficial and essential for the digestive process and immune system. At Hamptons Brine, we never heat or pasteurize the final product. Our process ensures you are purchasing the most nutritionally dense organic sauerkraut on the market. Our products are all natural and organic foods.

We make sure to use only the finest organic food ingredients. We also add Himalayan salt to out kraut for extra minerals - and because it keeps the kraut crisp! And we slice it by hand - we don't like machine-sliced limp pale shreds of all the other sauerkraut on the market.

Use it to make soups and casseroles, in our recipes for Organic Sauerkraut Salads, on sandwiches, in salads and vegetable dishes, or simply enjoy it as a snack or side dish.

Spicy Sauerkraut Kvass
Sauerkraut Kvass
Chunky Sauerkraut


organic kvass
organic sauerkraut

organic raw sauerkraut
Sauerkraut Kvass

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Raw organic fermented Sauerkraut

raw fermented organic Sauerkraut
Hamptons Brine - Raw Fermented Organic Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut Kvass

Are you trying to improve your health?

Or do you just like sauerkraut?

You are up for a treat!​

We use centuries-old traditional methods to produce the most nutritious and probiotic-rich raw sauerkraut and kvass available

in the marketplace. 

Our process ensures that you are getting the most nutritionally dense organic sauerkraut 

- and it tastes delicious!

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fermented vegetable juice kvass